Tuesday, 24 November 2015


Let me tell you a true story! Sometimes back, I had a burning desire to create a website. I had never done it before, but I just wanted to create one - like most of my friends and associates did. Moreover, it was to my further surprise to see some of them operating with more than one website…why not me, was my golden wonder!

Suddenly, I began going over mountains trying to read every detail I found in the internet on how to create a website. Tedious it was though; I went site after site, day by day. Finally, I came to learn that it required at least some money to create a website in terms of web-hosting and all that…which I didn’t have at the time. Good news to myself, I realized it didn’t cost a dime to create a blog instead, but only my effort.

So, my last resort was to try my hand on blogging, at least to begin with. Having no clue on how to create a blog though; I went on with my internet research on the same subject. Lastly, I came across an idea that triggered the birth of my first blog. The idea had it that,   “The best way to learn how to blog is by actually creating a blog.” Vrrrrrruuuuu…! Suddenly, everything began moving! That idea propelled me to create my first blog,   “What’s Love?!” available at http://bahathi.blogspot.com.

I did create it using Blogger.com. Simpler than ABC, the title touches mostly on human feelings of love. In every human chest, there beats a heart…love, love, love…seventy two beats per minute. Every creature shows love at some point in life. All humankind the world over: young and old; male and female; black, white and colored have something particular to say about love. I created this blog to serve as a reminder and a wake-up call to all mankind to keep it love and that, love shall conquer all, as the saying goes…

Therefore, in that golden blog, “What’s Love?!” I hint on the various definitions and highlights of love as a whole. I also include love quotes from men of present and olden days. I also touch on any moments of love that is or was shown or experienced by any living creature. Again, highlight on any incident, for instance, of love turning sour, or something of the sort. This love blog smells love all through…For any comment, meet me there…What’s Love?! At http://bahathi.blogspot.com.