Sunday, 21 September 2014


Love is …
When a baby,
In its mother’s arms;
Experiencing  mother tender touch.
And baby,
Glancing at mother;
Melts into a bewitching smile.
A smile sending the bouncing baby,
Almost jumping out of its own skin.
A smile full of tender love,
Happiness, and
The Universe in the baby, and
In the mother.
And the mother;
Reciprocating  her baby’s smile,
In assurance of her unconditional love-
To the new-born.
What’s  love?!

Love is …
When a child,
Having wronged its mother;
Is punished by whipping.
The child cries and cries.
Then the offended turns back,
To console the offender;
By breast-feeding.
Thus the once offender is fed,
Watching at the mother,
Hopefully, and
With unwavering faith all will be well.
And with this assurance;
The baby is lulled,
To sleep.
Such is it now;
Love and care.

Love is …
Husband and wife;
While bitterly quarreling
In the house.
There arrive the guests-
Now the wife,
Suddenly wipes off her tears,
Forgets her sorrows,
And begins to dance in happiness and love.
At least,
A blessing has come!
And she heartily greets and welcomes them,
With a hearty smile on her once tearful face!

Or again,
Love is …
Husband and wife;
Having been quarrelling
The night before.
Disagreeing until they agree …
To disagree;
Are seen
Early the following day,
Nicely dressed and happy.
Going shopping;
More united and happier than ever!
Letting bygones be bygones.

Love is …
Happily giving and enjoying it;
Even without
Expecting gratitude from the receiver, or
Without even worrying about ingratitude from the receiver,
In return.

Love is …
An illiterate African Mother,
Escorting her baby girl,
To school every weekday.
 And waiting to take the girl back
Come evening;
Ended up,
Realizing the benefits of acquiring formal education.
As a result,
Enrolled herself
To beat illiteracy on that score.
While accompanying her daughter
To and from school.
Killing two birds with
The same silver bullet!

Love is …
An unconditional act,
Portrayed by the strict parent,
After punishing his disobeying kids;
Bought and brought home;
Gifts and goodies
For all the kids;
Not mentioning
A thing
About the previous punishment.
Or remembering a thing
Of the disobedience
In relation to the presents
He bought and brought
To his dear kids!

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