Wednesday, 10 December 2014


Consider the following tips in order for you to make Google fall in love with your site:-
1.     Love yourself.
First and foremost, love yourself and love Google as you love yourself; as the cliché goes, ‘You cannot give what you have not!’ So do love yourself as you’ll be on your way to item two.
2.     Love Google.
Google does work that it helps people find what they are searching for. So, take note of this and comply with it. Tricks or other similar acts will not hold water for you in Google. You have to come up with a unique content that people will honestly find useful and beneficial to them. So, the bottom line issue here is to love Google and work with it harmoniously.
3.     Make the cap fit for Google.
You should come up with a decent website having decent content. All pages should have proper headings and descriptions as well as matching content. With decent content; it should be useful, unique and not containing bombastic words; so to speak. You should bear in mind that there are millions of people waiting to read, understand and take necessary action whenever need be; so making your post hard will not be part of it.
4.     Let Google see you.
This you should achieve by building content on your site. You should also get decent links going to your site for Google to take note of you and start paying attention.
5.     Be there when Google calls.
Have a decent ISP with 99% uptime or even better. Make sure you maintain web presence and Google will respond to any positive change on your site; and remember, the reverse will also count.
6.     Keep improving all the time.
The Last but not the least success tip is to keep improving all the time. Add more value to the html or php you wrote a year or so ago. Improve your content, structure and navigation of your site. Keeping at it with continous improvement is the most important of all here.
Best of luck and see you again; same place next time!
Bye! Bye! And let there be light!


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