Wednesday, 16 April 2014


 I don't know how to start it,                                                                                                                          But I'll know how to put it;                                                                                                                Because what I'm about to share with you;                                                                                        Google; 
Is from the deep,
Inside of my heart.

Allow me,
To thank and congratulate you,
On a personal note;
For the very good work and,
Contributions you have made,
Towards peoples' access,
To the Internet;
Leading us to be able,
To search valuable information.

People know Google;
Like students know their way to the dining hall!
There are more search Engines,
They are doing good;
Congratulations, too!
But if I can put it,
The Cosmic way:
Google-You are the Sun of all the Search Engines.
And the rest have no choice,
But to settle with being,
The Moon or the Stars!

You are a Mega-,
If not more- ;
A Search Engine!
Keep up the wonderfully Excellent work!
And may the Sky not be the limit for Google;
Because the Sun is farther up there!
No matter where we go;
Google is the Lion in the Internet Kingdom!
A while ago, 
I used to equate Google with the Internet itself.
In any case,
One can hardly think of rubbing Google off the Internet Map!
This would be the greatest blow ever experienced to the Eighth Continent,
Which would be a clear sign of the Eighth Continent,
Getting down to it's knees. 

On a more personal note,
I'd like to heartily thank the Google Fraternity,
For working very hard to keep the world informed.
There is much more to this than just making money!
Thank you all!
God bless you all!
Last but not least,
"Google, What's love?!"

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