Thursday, 10 April 2014


                  You see love happen. You feel love happen. You taste love. You hear love happen. You smell love. You experience love every time everywhere in every way. Yet, through love-good things happen, and through love-bad things intended or not intended do happen; all in the name of love. Religions; from Christianity, Islam to Buddhism advocate for love- love your father and mother, love your brother, love your neighbor as you love yourself, love fellow humans, or even love your enemy.
                    In the animal kingdom; you experience love-the bees gathering to make honey; the hen harboring it's chicks under it's wings from any danger; the fish of the sea swallowing it's young ones from a more dangerous zone to 'vomit' the young ones in a safer zone. Humans living with animals as pets.
                    In the plant kingdom; you love trees because they given you fruits. You get vegetables  for food.
                    Yet, it always strikes us hard when asked: What's Love?! And I am asking you this same question; from your point of view: What's Love?! Tell me your test of it anyhow anyway! It's open: let's share, let's celebrate humanity together!

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