Friday, 11 April 2014


The grass is green,
Sky is blue;
What color is love?
Or what color is your love?
And what's love?!
If it is white as snow;
Where does the white go when the snow melts?
Or is love like an iceberg;
10% out,
And 90% under water?
Is this love,
Or what's love?!

Is it like an orange;
You squeeze it,
You get orange juice.
Or is it like lemon,
You squeeze it,
You get lemonade.
How do you react to a squeeze?
Is it like rattling a snake;
You get a bite!
Or disturbing a bee;
You get a sting!
Is this love-
Or bittersweet?
What's love?!                                                                                                                                                            

How does it feel like to love?
Oh, yes!
Like life in the Garden of Eden before Satan corrupted...?
Or you feel like a jackpot winner!
Or the feeling of owning a brand new Limo.
Or the feeling of a sky diver the moment after jumping out a plane.

What's love?!
What's the smell of love?
Is it like the nice smell of garden flowers?
Or the perfect smell of a beautiful perfume?
Or the natural smell of air?
Or the smell of the skin of a beloved one...?
Or the sweet smell of delicious food and fresh juice?
Or the smell of sweet wine?

Oh, my!
And what do I hear?
The birds singing beautiful love songs!
And the day and night winds whistling as they pass through tree leaves, grass and space.
People singing softly,
Love songs.
Sea and ocean waves whispering love to your ears.
The sun witnesses you make love in the day.
The moon and the stars witness you make love in the night.

Yes, love?!
What texture is it?
Smooth like a baby's butt?
How does it feel to the touch?
Soft and gently.
How is the surface tension:
Can it float or sink a ship?
Is the surface permeable or impermeable?

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