Tuesday, 15 April 2014


In this life,
In this life,
Sweet life!
I come to realize one thing,
Yes, one strange thing about cars.
That started long ago,
In the 70's,
When I was in Kindergarten.
My stepbrother had bought,
A Chevrolet Pick up,
After his service,
As a soldier in the army.

Every beautiful morning.
Mama would rise up,
Prepare breakfast ready,
And wake-the then 'lazy me' up.
"Oh, it's already morning,
And I still feel sleepy!"
I would think to 'self,
And still remain in bed.
"Wake up, son!
What sort of man,
Will you grow up to be?
I wake you up,
And you return to sleep!"

While Mama would,
Prepare me ready for school
Stepbrother would,
Also be doing checks,
And inspections on his vehicle.
Like by coincidence:
But I knew,
Stepbrother would keep in pace,
His checks while,
Waiting for poor lucky me,
Not to walk all way down,
To school with mine,
Tender legs at,
That tender age.

While Mum,
Had prepared me ready,
After breakfast;
Off I'd be driven to kindergarten.
Dropped would I be,
At doorstep of school building.
Same in the morning!
Same in the afternoon!
January to December!
Such and such was life!
Such and such was good!

Little did I know,
That would change,
My life for good.
My love for vehicles since then,
Grew, and
Grew, and
Grew, and
Bigger, and
Bigger, and
Minute after minute,
Hour after hour,
Day after day...
I copied his profession,
His love for vehicles.

Back then,
I thought my love for cars,
Was for a reason and only for a short season;
As a little boy.
But here I come now,
And I buy one after another.
I stop what I'm doing,
To examine a beautiful car pass by:
It's Name,
It's Make,
It's Model,
It's Body.
Is it  old?
Is it new?
Until it's go...gone!

Then comes as a reminder,
My dream car;
The P-R-A-D-O!
Though I told my friend,
About my dream car,
He wondered...
A Prado...?!
Why not...a  H-U-M-M-E-R!
Or a  L-I-M-O?!
My thoughts wondering more,
For my strange,

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